Head of R&D, Sustaining Engineering, China

Responsibilities/ Authorities:

1) Responsible for developing and maintaining process/systems to ensure all the products designs are under appropriate control in global market;

2) Accountable for all the sustaining projects of commercialized products which may impact on product designs. Work closely with global manufactories for planning, tracking and execution of multiple sustaining projects.

3) Recruit the talents, build up the sustaining team, and ensure the employee’s satisfaction via coaching/feedback, training, professional development and recognition.

4) Direct the appraisal, development and product launch of key deliverables for sustaining projects.

5) Review/approve proposals for new projects and budgets.

6) Support the head of global R&D in formulating and establishing strategies, operating process and goals.

7) Interact with and provide technical support of other functions within the GRD, global manufacturing, marketing; QS/RA. Recognized company expert in technology related to company’s business.

8) Assure compliance to corporate  policies and local standards operating procedures as well as domestic and international standards

9) Develop or revise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and working practices.

10)Contribute to the generation of ideas and potential innovations to be used in new products.


1) Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in a related technological field ,and 10+ years’ experience or Masters (M.S.)degree in a related technological field and 15+ years’ experience,

2) Deep understanding of Design control process

3) Good project management, problem solving and decision making skills;

4) Excellent global communication skills

5) Be comfortable working in a changing environment which requires flexibility and involves risk.

6) Be comfortable working under pressure

7) Reliable and proactive mindset