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Senior Mechanical Engineer


主要工作职能 MajorAccountabilities

  1. 为机械系统创建子组件设计和详细的零部件图纸。
          Create sub assembly design and       detail component drawing for mechanical system.

  2. 在高层设计和低层设计的审核、详细设计改进和设计变更中担任重要的职务。
          Play major role in high level design       and low level design reviews, detail design improvement and design       change.

  3. 与其他部门工程师进行交流和沟通,并根据项目要求合作开发医疗系统。
          Communicate with other function       engineers to co-develop medical system as project needs.

  4. 参与机械子系统(在医疗成像系统中使用)的测试和文档编写。 
    Involved in testing and       documentation of mechanical subsystems used in medical imaging systems.

  5. 良好的团队合作精神以支持开发世界一流的医疗设备。 
    Good team player to support and       develop world-class medical equipment.

  6. 参加需求定义、预算和进度估计等设计活动。
          Attend design activity for       requirements definition, budget and schedule estimation.

  7. 在产品的生命周期内支持生产、采购和服务团队。
          Support Manufacturing, Purchasing       and Service team through product life cycle.

  8. 与外部分包商和内部机构合作完成设计的实现和制造。 
    Work with external subcontractors       and internal facilities for design implementation and manufacturing.


录用要求 Requirements

  1. 机械设计、机械工程或相关教育背景的本科或硕士学历。

Bachelor/Master  degree in Mechanical design, mechanical engineering or related education  background

  1. 7 年(本科)或 5 年(硕士)以上的机械设计或制造经验。

Bachelor over 7  years or Master over 5 years working experiences in mechanical design or  manufacturing

  1. 熟悉薄板、塑料、机械加工和其他部件设计。

Familiar with  Sheet metal, plastic, machining and other parts design

  1. 熟悉电机控件和机械扫描系统设计。

Familiar with motor control and scanning mechanical system design

  1. 熟悉 Pro/ESolidworks 设计工具及应用。

Familiar with Pro/E, Solidworks design tools and  applications

  1. 具备较强的机械设计分析能力:有限元分析,数学分析知识。

Advanced mechanical design analysis capability: Finite  Element analysis, Mathematic analysis knowledge

  1. 在机械加工技术及应用方面有着丰富的经验。

Experienced in mechanical processing technology and  application

  1. 能够针对制造和组装流程完成模具和夹具的设计。

Capable of tooling and fixture design for manufacturing  and assembly process

  1. 熟悉机械部件和子系统的质量和测试。

Familiar with quality and testing knowledge for mechanical  parts and sub-systems.