Senior Chemist--某500强德资医疗公司亚太研发中心

Responsibilities/ Authorities工作职责权限:

1.Confirm to the requirement of regulations and procedure of lab, take charge of physical and chemical test of raw materialsintermediate products and finished products, issue the C.O.A. work out the procurement program of reagent and standard. Take charge of the inspection of retained sample and issuing the certificate.

2.Chemist should following the instruction of sampling, testing, recording, calculating, to carry out the test according the specification and test method approved, to carry out the stability study for products, and finish his duty in time.

3.Responsible to prepare the standard solution and all kinds of reagent solutions, and re-standardizing according to the relative procedure.

4.Responsible for purchasing and managing chemical reference substances against on schedule of R&D.

5.Responsible for the maintenance of instrument and facilities which can be used during daily work.

6.Responsible for the hygiene and cleanness of analytical laboratory include equipment, benches, windows, floor etc, and clean glassware when the test finished, wear work clothes during work time.必须保持检验室(包括设备、台面、门窗、地面等)的清洁卫生工作,实验完毕要整理实验台,将使用的仪器复原,玻璃仪器用完后按清洁规程清洗,工作时间按规定着装;

7.Inform the superior immediately when OOS test results occurs. To carry out investigation when needed.

8.Use the related facilities according the security procedure, improve professional abilities and skills.

9.Creat specification for new drugs and perform analytical method validation for new drug promptly.

10.Guide and train other staff to improve skill


Education background 教育背景:

The personnel shall possess the education, at least college degree of the pharmaceutical or related sciences, master the related chemical knowledge and R&D experience

Work experience工作经验:

least two years’ experiences of related job and have the certain theory knowledge and practical operation skills

Competence and skills技能技巧:

Familiar with the article of GMP, can comply with the requirement of GMP in work and carry out the related SOP.


Possess of certain computer operating level and professional English level, can read the professional English reference.