Disposables Project Manager--500强德资医疗亚太研发中心

Job Focus:

•Facilitate NPI Projects in procurement role, covering:

•Project Planning/leading, 


•Technical discussion, 

•Samples validation, 

•Trial Run, 

•Audit, etc.

•Work with Regional Category Manager to ensure Global/Regional Strategy executed with suppliers & products bases optimized, covering:

•Technical Review with local plants & suppliers,

•FAI and pre-qualifications with suppliers

•Samples Validation with local plants & suppliers

•Take procurement lead in Global Projects with R&D, e.g. Global Harmonization Project to identify Global/Regional gaps & opportunities

•As a bridge between Company Global leading plants (e.g. St Wendel, SMAD) & AP plants for technical requirement clarification & alignment

•Technical Support to Asia sourcing projects to make sure all the components can meet specifications

•Manage Some CDC indirect purchasing activities according to assignment