Image Processing Researcher--某500强美资医疗公司全球研发中心




• Analyze and discuss the requirements of new medical technologies and application with medical professionals.


• Develop and implement algorithm for 3D medical image visualization, 3D data processing and image processing for Augment Reality.


 • Design innovative algorithms implementation methods with OpenGL/C++ or multi-threading.


• Design and implement rendering pipeline and user interaction for 3D  data structures.


• Work closely with a Global team on the implementation of medical imaging intelligence algorithms.


 • Support clinical partners to evaluate new features and technologies.




• M.S. or Ph.D. in computer science, biomedical engineering, Computer Graphics or other related fields 


• Requires  2 years of related  experience in Virtual Reality, Augment Reality, imaging processing/computer vision software and algorithm development


 • Expertise in OpenGL/GLSL.Expertise in AR and 3D medical image visualization, such as Volume ray-casting rendering, surface  rendering, mesh processing etc.


• Excellent programming skills in C++ or C# language.


• Experience in Image Processing, such as Enhancement, 3D  reconstruction, 2D/3D Segmentation, Registration, Pattern Recognition, Color management, etc.


• The candidate must have passion for performing research in X-ray imaging, and have strong desire to seek a R& D career in medical imaging area.


• Excellent verbal and written communication skills both in Chinese and English.


• Strong interpersonal skills. Self-starter & self-motivator, energizing, independent thinker, proactive problem solver


 • Able to learn quickly and to generate innovative ideas


 • Strong analytical skills


• Ability to work across all functions/levels as part of a global team 


• Expertise in 3D modeling with Unity 3D.


 • Experience in Hololens based AR project.


• Familiar with Libraries: VTK/ITK, OpenCV, boost, Intel IPP


 • Experience in parallel processing (CUDA, OpenCL or OpenMP).


 • Experience in algorithm research of image reconstruction, calibration and correction etc. for X-ray imaging or related systems


• Broad exposure to algorithm design for image processing and calibration and expertise in performance modeling, image quality evaluation for X-Ray or related products.


 • In-depth clinical knowledge of X-ray medical imaging related products.


• Strong background in safety and regulatory standards for medical imaging devices.