Senior Technical Producer(技术开发团队经理)--某美资互联网公司


Senior Technical Producer


Company is seeking a Senior Technical Producer. You willwork with development team, operation to develop, deploy and monitoring our webproduction and service, to provide support to maintain the operations of theseweb production environment. This person must be able to operate in a fast-paced environment withminimal supervision. A highly technical background with a deep understanding ofweb applications and databases is desired. Works well independently and inteams to solve challenging IT support issues.


Location: Shanghai




* Lead and coordinate the technical development teams


* Ensure successful execution of all tasks of product developmentwithin the scope of the functional quality, time and cost objectives as agreedwith the business owners.


* Work with tech teams to clarify business requirementsinto product features, acting as a bridge between business and technicaldomains.


* Monitor and control, development milestones,deliverables and resources.


* Collect, negotiate and maintain technical customerrequirements.


* Prepare staffing plan; allotment of resources.


* Strong leadership skills and ability to keep focuswhile under pressure, capable of Implement lessons learned / best practices.


* Improve tech team relations by ensure effectivecommunication, managing expectation and meeting commitments.




* Bachelor degree in computer science or relateddiscipline.


* Have experience in leading developers in performingsoftware analysis and design. Good understanding of the software life cycledevelopment process.


* Qualified English language skill in both written andspoken.


* Good communication, documentation and interpersonalskill.


* Positive, enthusiastic attitude, self-motivated.


* Good team-work spirit.


Great to Have, But Not Required:


* DevOps experience


* Experience in a high-traffic or large-scale webenvironment


* Strong technical experience with a broad set oftechnologies spanning both Cloud computing(AWS etc), LAMP(LinuxPHP, Apache/Nginx, MySQL) and frontend skill(HTML, JS, CSS etc).


* Experience with social network integration, Facebook,Twitter, Google+, Youtube, etc.




# 技术开发团队经理




工作地点: 上海




* 领导和协调技术开发团队。


* 确保产品开发各项任务在与业务部门约定好的时间和成本范围内,高质量的顺利执行。


* 与技术团队一起理清业务需求,设计产品特性,作为业务和技术领域的衔接的关键桥梁。


* 密切关注和控制开发的里程碑,产品发布,已经资源分配。


* 收集、分析、维护客户需求技术文档。


* 协助准备人力计划,合理分配开发人力资源。


* 有较强的领导能力,能在有压力的环境下保持专注,推进开发业务顺利进行。有能力总结实践中的经验、教训,并整理成以后的开发过程中的最佳实践。


* 增强技术团队之间的关系,确保沟通的流畅、高效,管理和追踪会议上做出的开发承诺和业务预期。




* 本科以上,IT或相关专业同等水平学历。


* 有带领开发团队进行软件分析、设计、实施的经验。对软件开发的生命周期有深入理解。


* 具有熟练的英语书面和口头交流能力.


* 善于沟通交流,能熟练书写各种技术文档,具有较好的人际沟通技巧。


* 工作积极主动,自我管理自我驱动。


* 有较好的团队精神。




* 有DevOps工作经验


* 有大流量网站、Web产品开发运营经验


* 有深厚的IT技术经验和知识:云计算(如AWS),LAMP(LinuxPHP, Apache/Nginx, MySQL), Web技术(HTML, JS, CSS等)。


* 熟悉与主流社交平台、广告产品的开发集成