Senior Technical Producer(技术开发团队经理)-某美资互联网公司


# Senior Technical Producer


Company is seeking a Senior Technical Producer. You will work with development team, operation to develop, deploy and monitoring our web production and service, to provide support to maintain the operations of these web production environment. This person must be able to operate in a fast paced environment with minimal supervision. A highly technical background with a deep understanding of web applications and databases is desired. Works well independently and in teams to solve challenging IT support issues.




Location: Shanghai








* Design, implement, and manage the web production service operations, from capturing request/problem reports to assuring that they get resolved in a timely and efficient basis, striving to continuously improve the process.


* Work with multiple geographic teams, US & China, to provide 7x24 technology infrastructure support operation.


* Engage agile application teams with analysis from logs and data on the servers, and provide recommendations for problem resolution. Provide feedback to development team for product optimization.


* Develop reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to track service levels.


* Review and provide input, including technical specifications and capital cost estimates for infrastructure required for new application projects.






* Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and recent, relevant work history.


* At least 3 years of experience in technical operations


* Possesses strong IT background in systems, software, hardware and networks.


* Service oriented mindset. A sense of urgency appropriate to the responsibilities and be comfortable working with mission critical systems


* Strong understanding of risk management techniques and ability to develop appropriate contingency plans


* Strong technical experience with a broad set of technologies spanning both Cloud computing(AWS etc), LAMP(LinuxPHP, Apache/Nginx, MySQL) and front end skill(HTML, JS, CSS etc).


* Ability to mentor members and create strong relationships with development team and product team.


* Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including technical documents, and process documents.




Great to Have, But Not Required:


* DevOps experience


* Knowledge of Agile software development process


* Experience in a high-traffic or large-scale web environment


* Experience with social network integration, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, etc.




# 技术开发团队经理








工作地点: 上海






* 设计、实施、管理公司Web产品和服务的日常开发运营,主动捕捉开发和运营中的问题,及时解决问题,并不断地根据这些经验优化和完善我们的开发运营流程。


* 与美国和中国的产品和开发团队一起,提供7x24小时的产品运营技术支持。


* 负责产品的问题分析,查找相关服务器、网络环境配置、应用程序日志,提供一线的技术解决方案。收集产品问题,优化设计,安排到产品的开发和优化中去。


* 提供在线产品和开发管理的周报和月报,以不断提升服务水平。


* 对新项目进行评估,提供技术架构、成本预估等方面的支持。






* 本科以上,IT或相关专业同等水平学历。


* 有3年以上开发运营方面实际工作经验。


* 有较强的系统设计,软件、硬件和网络架构等方面的能力。


* 有产品服务意识。在处理在线系统的故障和问题时清晰、冷静,有强烈的运营服务的责任感。


* 对软件产品和开发团队的风险管理有深入和理解,有能力制定和提供持续的预防计划。


* 有深厚的IT技术经验,广泛的技术知识:云计算(如AWS),LAMP(LinuxPHP, Apache/Nginx, MySQL), Web技术(HTML, JS, CSS等)。


* 有能力指导开发人员,在开发团队和产品团队间建立起紧密友好的关系。


* 具有熟练的英语书面和口头交流能力,有优秀的技术文档、开发流程等文档的写作能力。






* 有DevOps工作经验


* 熟悉敏捷开发的流程


* 有大流量网站、Web产品开发运营经验


* 熟悉与主流社交平台、广告产品的开发集成