Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor


职位:Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor 


薪水:32,500 pounds to 37,500



Job duties of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor include the followings details:


-Provides consultation, diagnoses and treats pain, symptoms, and conditions by prescribing Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal medicines with acupuncture treatments to patients as required;

-Gives full instruction on how to take the herbs and medicines and alter the herbal formula as required based on patients’ reaction towards the medicines and conditions; Make sure all the ingredients are in full compliance with the EU regulations;

-Liaises with the patients’ GP doctors to ensure proper precautions and cares are to be taken while treating patients using Traditional Chinese Medicine approach in conjunction with western treatments; Performs allergy test as required;

-Adopts a holistic approach in assessing the overall health of the patients to restore the yin and yang balance of body and treats patients by acupuncture at specific pressure points to relieve the condition of the disorder;

-Manipulates and performs the therapeutic massage/acupressure to discover the cause of pain, and to relieve the pain and restore function and mobility to correct irregularities body posture.


Skills and Qualification Required:


  • Degree in traditional Chinese medicine is essential.

  • Good Experience in the Traditional Chinese medicine. Previous related experiences in the same role would be an advantage.