R&D Power Electronics Engineer or Power Supply Engineer--某美资医疗公司




Ø      扎实的电力电子专业知识,精通电力电子电路设计分析,能独立承担项目的设计工作。熟悉反激、正激、半桥、全桥、PFC、等拓扑电路的开发设计。


Ø      精通有关半导体器件的特性及应用,高频变压器计算设计优化;精通有关电磁理论及设计、热设计


Ø      精通开关电源电路设计、安规、EMC及PCB LAYOUT规范和标准,熟悉各国安规认证标准及认证流程,有很强的开关电源EMC测试整改实际经验


Ø      具有kW级电源设计经验








The candidate will be responsible for various aspects of x-ray generator related high voltage parts design and development from planning to creation.




The candidate will be working as a member of a cross-functional project team consisting of systems engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, technicians, PC tool developers, and project/program management team.




The candidate will be working in a schedule driven environment with additional duties that include, but are not limited to, managing workload, participating in technical project reviews and software reviews, and utilizing configuration management tools.




 Basic Qualifications:




Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering


5 + years experience in switching power supply design




Strong Working Knowledge of:


·         Transformers and Magnetic Design, especial for high frequency and high voltage transformer design     


·         Switching power supply topology, Half and Full-bridge inverter


·         High power output series-parallel resonant dc-dc converter (LCC or LLC)


·         Schematic capture and circuit board layout software


·         Understanding PCB layout concepts to minimize EMI and ground loops


·         Understanding of IEC, UL, CE standards


·         Documentation control, backing up code, drawings, engineering changes for new and current designs


·         Good communication skills




Plus Qualifications:


·         Master degree in high voltage technique


·         Power electronics design experience


·         Insulation structure design(绝缘结构设计)


·         high voltage transformer(高压变压器)


·         oil-insulated transformer design (油绝缘变压器设计)


·         High voltage multiplier design


·         Insulation material performance


·         High voltage divider design


·         2 + years x-ray related product design experience