Quality Manager—某欧洲制造公司

Main purpose:

Ø         To assist and advise the company in the formulation of policy and procedures relating to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management systems. To manage the quality department function in support of the business activity, thus providing a service to all areas of the organisation promoting customer satisfaction.

Ø         To provide and manage a Quality Management System to satisfy customers and external authorities.

Ø         Maintain the health and safety management system to reduce accidents and ensure compliance with legislation and Safety First initiatives.

Ø         Manage the environmental system to minimise environmental risks whilst adhering to legislation.

Ø         At all times to be customer focused and promote the Company’s reputation.



Ø        Lead and maintain Quality, H&S and Environmental procedures to meet external standards.

Ø        Provide and manage the internal Audit programme.

Ø        Support Sales, Design and Development activities in the business.

Ø        Support the internal product quality planning system (APQP) to meet customer requirements.

Ø        Provide analytical analysis of recorded data.

Ø        To report on the performance of the Quality, H&S and Environmental systems.

Ø        Support and promote the implementation of Continuous Improvement activities.

Ø        Maintain a quality claim process and lead the failure cause analysis.

Ø        Lead various 2nd and 3rd party quality audits/visits to meet ISO9001 standard or customer quality standard.

Ø        Coordinate product certifications (GB, KTL, EN…) and process qualifications (weld).

Ø        Maintain the Design Change record system and notification at OBSL.